Thursday, September 1, 2011


So my last "THIS IS IT!" post was in June. Wanna know what's happened since then? A whole lot of working out with a whole lotta nothing to show for it. Very frustrating. I have been for 4 weeks now working out pretty religiously TWICE a day....and nothing. The first three weeks I was doing the 30 day shred in the morning and then going to the gym every night with Sabra and doing the elliptical for 30 minutes and then walking a mile on the treadmill. This week I started the P90X in the morning and doing cardio at the gym at night. So....from not doing ANYTHING to doing this.....nothing? Not one pound even? But I can't quit. Because then in about a month I'll write another post about how "THIS IS IT....for reals!" This is still it....and although I'm frustrated and depressed (and it has NOTHING to do with the fact that my monthly visitor is just around the corner), I'm going to keep going. I truly believe that slow and steady will win the race. So even though I'm hearing about people losing weight left and right....I'm gonna keep going. I just keep thinking "This is what skinny people do." Stupid, I know, but it's been keeping me from just giving up all together.

On a happier note. PINTEREST!!!! Are you on yet? Need an invite? It's awesome. Follow me!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Outfit of the week

I think these shoes are cute. B.O.C. by born at DSW for $59.95. Now remember....I live in Yuma and I'm 32 years old with achy feet. I think I could wear these with lots of outfits.

But they'll go very cute with this dress....

I love this dress. It's from Old Navy for $39.94. Perfect for going out on a date. (d,m, fro yo!)

This dress could go with a lot of different shoes as well. Red, Green, White (love white shoes.)

Yay or Nay?

When I finally decided to change my life.....

Seems a little dramatic, but I think I've hit the breaking point. I'm going to be journaling on this blog my weight loss journey. Something has to happen and it has to start today....well it started yesterday but I forgot to blog about it.
Goal: Lose 55- 65 (gulp) pounds. Being 5' 1/2", I'm considered petite and the "healthy range is between 105 lbs - 125 in that range would be good.
Who: Me.
What: Lose weight.
When: NOW! and keep this lifestyle forever!
Why: Because. I'm done. I think it's affecting EVERY other part of my life. I never thought I would be this unhappy with myself and it's time to change. I have a diabetic daughter and we ALL have to eat better for her sake too. I don't want have her disease out of control because I was too busy to change. It is up to my husband and I to help her. We buy her food....not her.
How: Right now I'm doing it with a quick round of Hcg, but once I have quickstarted my weight loss and I'm doing it the good old fashioned way of eating less, excersise more.

Starting weight: 1G0.5 (hahaha! I wasn't about to put my real weight!.....maybe when I'm done)
Goal Weight: 1A5
Size Goals: 10 sizes

I'll post before and after pictures when I have an after pic to put up!

I'll post my weight once a week. Ok....everyone knows now......keep me motivated please!!!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Deal or No Deal?

This is my new car. A 2011 Special Edition Honda Accord. Why is it Special? I don't know, but it's really purrty. I have never once gone to a dealership and purchased a vehicle. We have always bought our cars thru private party ads. So this was a pretty entertaining and hilarious experience.

It was very much like the game show "Deal or No Deal." We went in to look at a Honda Crosstour. It's an Accord Station Wagon basically. I really like Station Wagons. They had one that was VERY decked out. Had every bell and whistle and so it cost $35,000. Wowers! We did take it for a test drive and loved it. So we went in to the office to began the Game!

We chose our briefcase - the price we were willing to pay. The guy goes into an office that's very similar to the game show where they show the banker sitting. Tinted windows, but you can still kind of see in. He comes out with the first offer. They opened the first the briefcase - "you can have this fabulous Crosstour for.....$699/month!......Deal or No Deal!" Uh....No Deal. Are you kidding me? That's crazy. So we tell them that's no where close to what we can afford. He goes back to the "Banker." He comes back out. How about $500/month? No Deal. So then....The Closer comes in. I just sat back and laughed at this whole process. It was so funny! We tell the closer that we probably won't be able to afford the Crosstour, but what else do you have? I told him that I do love Accords. We had one growing up and my twin sister has one them.

Closer says "Yes! I'll bring one right out." He brings one out that was beautiful. Dark Gray. Black Leather Seats. Very nice. We start making deals with this one.

They go to the Banker.....Banker offers a's getting a lot better....but No Deal! They go back to the even better deal......We said "Give us tinted windows and it's a Deal" They go back to the Banker......we see him thinking about it.....kind do you see a faceless man's face? But we could tell....just like on the show. The Closer comes out with a $3 more a month payment to include tint....and we said "Deal!" and....we never saw the Banker's face.

We are then introduced to a 4th man who takes care of all the paperwork.

Folks.....4 people to sell a car. Crazy. The salesman, the closer, the banker, and the paper guy. Really? No wonder the car business was going bankrupt! 2 middle men!

So....I love my car. It has 4 doors, A/C, no rattle, all windows roll up without my help, and a big trunk. It's a dream. :)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Selling the Dream

So....I'm selling the dream. Not really my dream anymore anyway. The Beetle. I told my sister the other day...."That's it. I'm growing out my bangs and selling the beetle......I don't want to be 15 anymore!!! I'm about to be 32 dang-it!!!! I have achy joints and need comfort!" So here's to growing up.....a car payment. Yuck. But necessary.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My perfect day

Is there such a thing?? Not sure. But when I imagine my perfect day, this is what I imagine:

6am. Wake up and work out. I need to lose weight. I'm about to turn 32 and I remember telling my hubby when I was about to turn 30 that I wasn't going to live my thirties fat. I know I have to make time but I truly can't.
7:30am. Get my girls ready for school. Bathed. Good breakfast. Morning spiritual thought. And off to school.
9 am. Get myself ready for the day.
10:30. Errands/chores/help Chris at work.
12pm. Lunch./ clean up.
1pm. Time for my hobby/hobbies. I want so bad to have time for sewing and being creative. I miss it terribly.
3-5 pm. Teach/prepare for music lessons. I love teaching and I would really like to be able to devote more time in being able to teach my students better.
5-6 pm. Prepare dinner. As it is we maybe have one home cooked meal a week......maybe. Sad.
6-7:30 pm. Family time such as FHE, kids' activities, etc. Friday night is date night for Chris and I ......D,m,fro yo!!!
7:30-8:15 pm. Bedtime/teeth brushed/hair brushed/read scriptures.
8:15-8:30 pm. Bedtime routine for me.
8:30-8:45 pm. Read scriptures.
8:45 -10:00pm. Watch my favorites shows.
10:00pm. Go to sleep and wait for another perfect day.